Open Days     

The Museum Open Day and Train Rides program is shown on the MUSEUM page.

The Museum holds five open days during the year during which the exhibits “come alive”.

IMG_27601.JPGOn the railway, the steam locomotive “Margaret” takes charge of the train while the diesel locos remain on standby. Take a trip through the museum, out along the Humphrey Pump channel bank, and through the vineyards towards Loveday. At Scotty’s Loop the loco detaches from the train and goes on to the turntable where it is turned around for the return trip.

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Steam Roller Restoration

See our Facebook page "Aveling & Porter Nº 12090 Steam Roller Restoration." for photos of the progress of the steam roller restoration. The boiler has been totally stripped down and it has been relocated to our boiler repairer's workshop. Here a new front tubeplate has been fabricated and fitted and suspect areas either pad welded or have had new sections inserted. Work on the boiler is expected to be completed soon, allowing us to start reassembling the steam roller.


The fitting out of our carriage number 5 has been completed with jist a few finishing touches to be added. The carriage is named McIntosh after the irrigation division planned for the north Lake Bonney area which was not proceded with.

Fowler B6 and Fowler Z7 and Bagnall locomotive.

Thes have all been used during recent open days.


   Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club